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Facial Ultasm


Ultrasound produces muscle relaxation, increases skin elasticity, aids collagen production and skin regeneration.
The procedure, which is already widely used to break down body fat, gained a version adapted for the face. It is indicated for those who want to improve the definition of the face, reduce jowls and cheeks and have a less filled and more refined face.

Main indications:
Facial lifting (reduction of expression marks and collagen production to firm the skin); Hydrates and facilitates the penetration of rejuvenating masks;
Postoperative facial plastic surgery (as a therapy, it helps to dissolve nodules and fibrosis that may form in the region where the procedure was performed).

* Patients who use acids;
* Pregnant
* Not suitable for skin with inflamed acne, herpes, folliculitis, furuncle, sclerosis and patients with hepatitis.

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