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TOK SEN, is a therapeutic method of energy cleaning which uses a whisk and a wooden pin.�For me it is an excellent therapy complement, when we do not get the necessary result with hands or needles, Tok Sen can reach levels deeper into the site causing the pain or illness.

With Tok Sen we can also cleanse the internal organs, rebalancing and increasing their energy, we can also align and balance the chakras and perform spiritual and emotional cleanings.

Some people tried Tok Sen in body aesthetics treatments with great results, the drainage effect is surprising.

Tok Sen therapy, contrary to what some people think, is painless and can be very relaxing, before starting the treatment, the therapist must have a calm, clear and strong mind, and the focus must remain constant throughout the session, a experienced therapist is very aware at all times of how and where to use the tool as well as the correct strength for each part of the body.


Benefits of Tok Sen Therapy:

* Provides pain relief

* Improves blood circulation

* Removes power blockages

* Help with nervous problems

* Relief from arthritis and osteoarthritis

* deep relaxation


Summary content:

- TOK Sen History

- Study on the "Sen lines" energy lines

- Release and relaxation of internal organs

- Harmonization of Chakras

- Sequence of assistance in prone, dorsal and seated positions.

- TOK SEN facial sequence.


Duration of the course:

The complete course for the basic level of TOK Sen, will be 2 days

From 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.


The course includes Certificate, Tool imported from Thailand and handout.

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