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We are a family owned and operated business.





Traditional Thai Massage is a set of:

Assisted massage and stretching.

Developed in Thailand, and influenced by the Traditional Medicine systems of India, China and Southeast Asia.

This form of treatment is often performed on the floor, and the client wears comfortable clothes that allow movement, no oil is used in Thai Yoga Massage.


Benefits of Thai massage

The application of Thai Yoga as a massage works on most of the body's muscles, combining direct pressure on the muscle with stretches that stimulate the entire skeletal muscle system including joints, bones, nerves, ligaments and the lymphatic system, benefiting the 5 physiological systems.


Circulatory system: improves blood circulation, stabilizing the heartbeat, increases lymphatic circulation and reduces edema.


Musculoskeletal system: increases muscle strength, releases muscle tension, removes toxins from muscle mass, relaxes tendons and promotes elasticity, increases joint mobility and flexibility, reducing stiffness.


Nervous system: stimulates and improves neural activity by reducing the effects and sensitivity to pain, increasing sensations on the skin and improving the autonomic nervous system by balancing it and leading to deep relaxation.


Respiratory system: increases the depth of breathing and slows down the rhythm.


Digestive system: increases the elasticity of the digestive tract and movement of the stomach, preventing and releasing from indigestion. constipation and other digestive metabolism imbalances.


Benefits for the mind:

Thai Yoga induces the mind to a deep relaxation, reducing daily stress and providing a higher, clear and positive state of consciousness. Naturally, it leads to the release and release of emotional, conscious or unconscious tensions.


Basic level Thai Yoga Massage course content:

1- Brief history and philosophy of Thai Yoga Massage

2- Influence of Buddhist philosophy on Thai yoga massage

3- Theoretical basis of manual therapy and stretching

4- Breathing techniques

5- Meditation and its influence in practice

6- Practice in frontal and facial postures


Professional level Thai Yoga course content:

1- Energy concept

2- Sen Lines

3- Energy protection exercises

4- Practice in the lateral, back and sitting postures.

The two modules form the professional in Thai Massage.



The Complete Training Course in Thai Yoga Massage is intensive, held in 6 days.


Realization Time:

9:00 am to 4:00 pm


As it is an intensive course, every day of class is essential for learning and assimilation of the technique. Therefore, it is necessary for the student to check the possibility of participating every day, because in case of absence, it will result in the loss of material and will make it difficult to learn and monitor the class. There will be no replenishment of classes.



We are a family owned and operated business.

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