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Today's topic is about the revolutionary Striort treatment, but before that, let's talk about stretch marks, a problem that can arise in everyone, regardless of skin type.

In short, stretch marks are "scars" that appear on the skin due to the breakdown of its internal fibers. Stretch marks have two phases: the first is the inflammatory phase, where the streak and its color are red. In the second phase, the stretch mark heals and remains white, which is why the term “zebra effect”, or “zebra butt” was created when there is a very large amount of white stretch marks along a region of the body.

Stretch marks arise from a lack of collagen and elastin in the region, and this can be due to several things:

Lost or gained weight too fast


Dry skin

Genetic condition

Accelerated growth (during adolescence mainly)

Bad eating habits

Stretch marks do not cause any health problem, what happens is that for aesthetic reasons these brands end up becoming a real problem for those who want to show their body.

People are uncomfortable because it wants to or does not hurt their self-esteem.

The developed technique promises to eliminate up to 80% of stretch marks in the first session. In many testimonies, people say that in a single session the results are already very satisfactory. This treatment is indicated even for white stretch marks, the results will also be very good.

This revolutionary method has brought incredible results at a very affordable cost and without dying of pain, some of our clients reported that they felt nothing. This procedure does not cause burns and brings significant improvements to the skin:

Improves sagging in the stretch mark region

Improves the appearance of stretch marks

Decreases the streak size

Improves the texture of the stretch through the stimulation of the area.

During the procedure, anesthesia is not used, there is no skin perforation (non-invasive procedure) and it works on all skin types.

There are some cases in which this treatment cannot be performed: Pregnant women and nursing mothers cannot perform the procedure.

People with allergies to treatment products, the beautician will make an assessment of you to know whether it is possible or not to do the procedure.

To be clear, first know that this procedure uses orthomolecular techniques to combat stretch marks. Orthomolecular therapy is a treatment that advocates the use of a greater amount of minerals and vitamins, whether through a balanced diet, supplements, creams and body lotions based on natural products. This therapy aims to strengthen the body and prevent free radicals, as they cause the aging of cells in the body.

When a streak forms, blood stops circulating through that region and therefore it does not regenerate anymore. The technique consists of reopening the way for blood to circulate there again (using high technology), it is as if the striae become red again so that we can treat them again (using orthomolecular therapy).

First stage: Vacuum treatment

The first step of the procedure is done in an aesthetic clinic. The objective of this step is to bring blood back to a white streak in order to reactivate circulation so that the region can be regenerated, fighting streaks.

This process is done with equipment that has a vacuum tube that will pass the groove to "pull" it upwards so that blood circulates again through the region. During the process the stretch marks will become swollen, red and exposed, as the blood is circulating there again.

At the end of the process, stretch marks look more like sores, but they are not! This "wound" means that blood circulation is running again in the stretch marks. At the time it gets a little ugly, but do not worry because in a few days this redness will disappear (usually disappears in 10 days).

Subsequently, the second step is necessary, which consists of using topical products (orthomolecular therapy) to treat the region that has turned red and to follow the professional's recommendations as to what to eat and sun exposure.

Second step: Care at home with specific products

The purpose of this step is to use specific products and take certain precautions so that the regeneration of the skin is a success. This step is very important, because if everything is not done as directed by the beautician, the results were not satisfactory.

In this stage, it is requested to use black clay soap and some other items that will be delivered to obtain care at home, at pre-established times. These products will help in the regeneration and to keep the skin soft and hydrated, remembering that it goes to each beautician, it may happen that the professional will indicate something to you according to your skin type. Some of the products used in this technique are produced by Bothanica Mineral, which is a company specialized in products to combat various aesthetic dysfunctions.

In addition to using the products daily and at the times determined by your beautician, in this step you are also asked to follow some rules such as not eating certain foods that interfere with the production of collagen (stretch marks occur on the skin due to lack of collagen), not getting sun for 15 days, as the sun can disrupt the skin's regeneration process and never remove the skin that forms in the stretch mark region.

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