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ASHITSUBO - Japanese reflexology



In Japanese, ashi = foot and tsubo = therapeutic point, one of the most popular therapies in Japan and throughout Asia, following the Asian Asian treatment line, has been perfected in the Japanese style.


Oriental Reflexology is based on the principle of the existence of reflex areas in the feet that correspond to parts of the body and �Chi� or �Ki�, the vital energy that circulates through the organs, glands and the entire body structure. The maneuvers and pressures on the feet, in addition to dissipating the body's energy blockage, send signals to the brain, balancing the nervous system, releasing endorphins, thereby reducing stress, pain and improving health.


Benefits of Reflexology:

* Reduced stress, physical and mental tiredness.

* Elimination of toxins;

* Improvement of blood circulation, lymphatic and immune system.

* Acts in the prevention of flu, colds, herpes and other diseases.

* Relieves and reduces muscle tension and swelling in the legs.

* Provides an energetic balance and well-being.

* Invigorates and relaxes.

* Assists in the treatment of insomnia.

* Balances female hormones, relieves PMS, menstrual cramps and endometriosis.

* Recovers the body from long trips, time zone and tiredness.

* Therapy indicated for the elderly.


Program content

* History of reflexology

* Map of treatment points.

* Massage sequence

* Benefits and precautions

* Scaled feet with scents and herbs.

* Japanese etiquette for customer service



Duration of the course:

This course lasts for 4 days

Opening hours from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.

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