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Indicated for students and professionals of the area who want to improve their knowledge in the therapeutic area, with different techniques to act in muscular, articular and tendon disorders. During the course the student will have a dynamic approach on anatomy, physiology, pathophysiology and the application of each technique for each specific disease.


· Spine and extremity anatomy

· Applied Physiology

· Pathophysiological processes (muscle, joint and tendon diseases)

· Muscle Stretches

· Neural Stretches

· Myofascial Treatments

· Muscle Stretches: Indications, Contraindications and Applied Techniques.

· Neuromuscular facilitation

· Techniques of joint osteopathy

· Joint tractions

We are a family owned and operated business.

We are a family owned and operated business.


40 hours


2 face towels

2 sheets

1 massage cream

1 oil for massage


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