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Permanent eyelashes

Eyelash perm is indicated for people who have straighter strands, when there is no good curl of the eyelashes. The perm does not increase the lashes, but as it accentuates the curvature providing greater expressiveness and luminosity when looking, it promotes the effect of larger lashes.

The application is painless and without contraindications.

After this procedure, it is possible to go to the beach or pool and also use masks and makeup as usual. Its duration is, on average, 45 days.

Essential care:

In the first 4 hours after the end of the procedure, we will make a hydration based on keratin, the lashes should not be wet during this time.

Avoid kneading or sleeping on your stomach to avoid damaging your eyelashes, as the product will still be acting.

Do not use an eyelash curler for 30 days.

If possible, use daily to mask the keratin base to hydrate the hair.


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