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Pressurized intradermotherapy

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PRESSURIZED INTRADERMOTHERAPY is an asset injection device at the subcutaneous level, however, functional without needles. A technique that has been gaining more and more followers, a minimally invasive procedure, based on the application of enzymes directly to the place to be treated. It is indicated for the treatment of cellulite, localized fat, stretch marks, sagging and devitalization of the facial skin, both in men and women. The big difference is in the different compositions of the assets, which must be prescribed by the professional, according to the biotype and needs of each patient.

After application, local pain, edema, bruising or ecchymosis (bruises) may occur. Intradermotherapy is contraindicated for uncontrolled cardiac patients, with liver, kidney problems, thyroid dysfunction, and allergic to the substances used. After application, the patient follows his normal routine. Results:

In the body, it promotes the elimination of localized fat, with reduced measures. Still, it recovers the tone of the skin and muscles, favoring their remodeling. Finally, the reduction of cellulite and stretch marks promotes smoother and more homogeneous skin.

On the face, it promotes a reduction of the double chin, hydrated and soft skin, with a more youthful aspect.

The results can be seen right after the first session, but are progressive as the sessions are carried out. The number of sessions varies according to each person and aesthetic complaint.

The intensity of the results will depend on the specific cases. Being that the Pressurized Intradermotherapy is a treatment that presents progressive results, in each session

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