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Facial lymphatic drainage


Facial Lymphatic Drainage is a technique that stimulates blood circulation.

Many women think that lymphatic drainage is associated only with the body and are unaware that it can also be done on the face. Facial lymphatic drainage is a treatment full of benefits and has preventive, aesthetic and therapeutic objectives, as it stimulates the defense system, the oxygenation of tissues and helps in the elimination of liquids that are retained. It also acts by toning the skin and slowing the aging of tissues.

Facial drainage is efficient in improving blood circulation, expanding the vascularization of the region where it is applied, eliminating bags and expression marks in the eye region and is very suitable for post-surgery, because when performed in the area of surgery, there is understanding of the retained liquid and its elimination quickly by the organism prevents infections.
As for scars, it is great right after the injury, as it improves lymphatic capacity and circulation, reducing edema. If done a long time later, the chances of being left without any mark are less, as the circulation has already been compromised due to the swelling caused by the injury.
Facial lymphatic drainage sessions can be done once a week or even more, for skin types most in need. The ideal frequency depends on each case, but the important thing is to maintain the regularity of the treatment so as not to harm the final result.


Facial Lymphatic Drainage is indicated for:

* Pre and postoperative facial surgery
* Reduce swelling of the face
* Improve the blood circulation of the face
* Improve acne
* Improve the performance of cosmetic products


Facial Lymphatic Drainage is contraindicated for people with:

* Contact allergies
* Mycoses
* Skin lesions
* Inflammation or fevers

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