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Depilação definitiva (IPL)

IPL is an innovative hair removal technique that has revolutionized body beauty. Before, there were only painful hair removal methods, which forced us to do hair removal several times a year, and even a month. There were no permanent hair removal techniques, except for leisure, the cost of which is very high, painful and with several risks of burns. The IPL comes to save women and men from the hassle of epilation every month, eliminating hair forever, at low costs, needing to do the application only once a month.
However, this technique is not suitable for all skin types. Unfortunately, Pulsed Light Hair Removal is not as effective on red or black skin types.
More than 80 percent of women and about 30 percent of men say they have problems with the existence of unwanted hair on different parts of the body, which shows that men are also very concerned with eliminating hair, which impair their Image.
Pulsed light hair removal is considered an effective technique to lighten dark armpits, a problem derived from the use of waxing with chemistry, constant use of razor and other less sympathetic techniques for the skin and hair, also indicated for those who have the problem. folliculitis, without damaging the skin, as in conventional methods.
How many sessions are needed?
The number of sessions depends fundamentally on the color and thickness of the hair, the skin and the area to be treated, but can vary from 8 to 16 sessions.
The duration of the treatment depends on the growth of the hair, which also varies from one area to another. In the beginning, monthly sessions are necessary, but over time they are performed with a longer interval between applications, since the follicle becomes increasingly weakened and the hair takes longer to grow.
How long can each session take?
It depends on the area to be treated. For example, the duration in the legs can reach 1 hour, the armpits 10 minutes and the fluff seconds.
Epilate the treatment area with a razor before IPL epilation
You should shave the treatment area with a razor before proceeding with IPL epilation. Thus, the light acts directly on the hair root, with maximum effectiveness. It also prevents the hair from being burnt on the surface of the skin, which can be uncomfortable.
Are there any contraindications?
Before starting treatment, a series of questions are asked to detect possible contraindications, such as in the case of diabetes, epilepsy or even if the client is taking any medication that may be photosensitive, such as antibiotics, or be pregnant, lactating, having tattoos, skins tanned, hyper pigmented, dark or black.
Does the treatment have side effects?
In some cases, a redness may appear in the treated area that will disappear in a few hours. It is recommended to use moisturizers that have calming, regenerating effects, and use of sunscreen, components necessary to prepare and condition the skin, and essential to eliminate the possible damage that may result from dehydration caused by photo hair removal.
Is it definitive?
In most cases the hair decreases at least 80 to 85%, so that the few that reappear over the years, grow more slowly and are lighter and thinner, being able to make an application every 6 months or up to 1 year.

Care before photodepilation

The skin must not be tanned, the hair must not have been removed by the root (with wax or tweezers) in the last month, there must be no redness, bruises or active acne spots and the treatment with acids must be stopped for at least 30 days before.

Number of photodepilation sessions required

The number of sessions will depend on several factors, among them: skin phototype, area to be treated, hair characteristics, sex, age and hormonal status of the client.

About 10 to 15 photodepilation sessions are necessary for there to be a significant reduction of 90% of hair, however it is already possible to see the results three weeks after the first session. An interval of approximately one month between sessions is recommended.

Customer information:


* Epilation with razors or creams should preferably be done one day before applying the IPL.

* Avoid exfoliation or rubbing the area to be shaved.

* The client must not be tanned, he must not use methods that pull the hair out by the root (wax or tweezers) a month before the session.

* Redness or burning may occur within 24 hours after application.

* Daily hydration (before and after) treatment and use of sunscreen in the shaved area exposed to sunlight is mandatory.

* During the treatment of permanent hair removal, if the client initiates some type of medical treatment and medication intake, advise in advance.

* Right after the ipl session avoid hot places.

* PURE BEAUTY is not responsible for omitting information about adverse reactions.

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