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Egyptian Epilation

Millennial technician, epilation with line was born in Egypt. Experts guarantee that the benefits of the technique outweigh any other existing method. The result is really surprising. Epilation with thread can remove everything, even the hair that is still being born. But the pain really exists.

Epilation with a line weakens the hair and reduces its growth, unlike wax, which attacks the skin, causes allergies and darkens the shaved areas.

The advantages of using the line at the time of epilation are many:

- It is a more hygienic method;

- It can be done by any independent person if they use chemicals on the skin or if they have just had a facial peel;

- It can be done by women who have just sunbathed;

- The method generates a drainage in the skin that stimulates the lymphatic vessels;

- The line is not allergic;

- Preserves the skin's natural keratin;

- Decreases hair production in the shaved region;

- Avoids the flaccidity generated by the wax;

- He manages to remove the fluff hair - the one with the very fine hair that goes around his face.

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