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Epilação com Cera Natural

capa cinza da apostila depilação com cera natural purebaeuty.jpg


Program content

  • Basic characteristics to be an epilator;

  • Principles for business ethics;

  • Hygiene in the aesthetics cabin and in the materials used;

  • Anatomy and physiology of hair;

  • The difference between epilation and hair removal;

  • Diseases and hair disorders;

  • Hair removal methods;

  • Materials and equipment;

  • Practical class;

  • Wax preparation;

Hours: 28hrs up to 4 people

20hrs up to 2 people

Workbook course for theoretical follow-up, however the entire course will have practical application and will involve training in models - courses with a maximum of 2 students per classroom.

At the end of the course the student will undergo evaluations. Theoretical and practical.
Upon evaluation, with a minimum of 70% utilization.

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