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With the arrival of spring, small changes in the beauty routine should be put into practice, due to changes in the climate, which so much influence the quality of the skin. Common at the time, gradual increases in air temperature and humidity can cause dryness, allergy and even the appearance of spots in the most exposed areas, such as face, legs, arms and hands, if new care is not followed.

One of the main problems of the new station is the increase in solar radiation, which added to the lack of care with the sun, can result in early spots and wrinkles. "In winter, people are not used to using sunscreen, and when spring begins, they take time to understand that they need to intensify the use of this product".
Changes in the season's climate stimulate dryness, allergies and blemishes on the face, legs, arms and hands

The constant oscillation in the thermometer also represents a danger, as it unbalances the retention of the amount of water necessary for the body to remain naturally hydrated. Therefore, all attention is little to stay away from dryness.

On the other hand, the greasy appearance, typical of the hottest days, does not show up in the spring. Still, oil free products should not be abandoned by people who are prone to oiliness. "The high temperature can increase the sensation of brightness, but it does not stimulate the production of sebum on the face".

During the spring, care with cleaning, hydration and protection is essential. "Wash your face twice a day, preferably hydrate your body after bathing, and protect your skin with sunscreen in the morning, before going out for lunch and in the middle of the afternoon".
Anyone who is exposed to the sun for a long period should have other forms of protection, such as a hat and sunglasses.

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