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Coronaviruses are a family of viruses that can cause disease in humans. The infection can be similar to the common flu or present as a more serious illness, such as pneumonia.

At the moment there is still no vaccine, care with prevention is very important.

We will take care of our immunity so that our immune army will defend us from this attack, since we are at an advantage.

Supplements that can help us in this “war”

Vitamin D- 20 minutes of exposure of legs and arms to the sun ☀️ increases our vitamin D for the whole day! Can not? Take a vitamin D supplement.

Natural propolis-antibiotic, powerful anti-inflammatory! 15 drops fasting and 15 drops before bed!

Vitamin C in citrus fruits like acerola and lemon or in supplements. Choose the one with zinc in the formulation.

Glutamine: excellent for immunity, helping to maintain the intestinal barrier.
Contraindicated for patients undergoing cancer treatment. Take in the morning, on an empty stomach

Other good supplements: Moringa (unfortunately, removed from Brazil), Betaglucanas (from oats, for example), Timodulina, Colloidal Silver (excellent, by the way!)

Does this new virus have a treatment?
There is no specific treatment to date. Treatment is symptomatic and organ support, according to the severity of the cases.

Antibiotics are not suitable for viral infections. The antivirals currently treated for pneumonia caused by the flu virus are not suitable for the Coronavirus.

📌The use of masks and constant hand hygiene helps a lot 🙏

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