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Hot Stones

Hot stone massage.

Indicated to relax the muscles, relieve pain and bring well-being, massage with hot stones is an integration between massage and thermotherapy (heat therapy). The stones used in this massage have very specific characteristics.

These are volcanic, plutonic stones and have in their composition elements such as magnesium and iron silicate.

Hot stone massage is an ancient therapy, already used by the Chinese, Buddhist and indigenous monks in their sacred and healing rituals. The application of the stone of adequate size and shape, with the correct pressure and manipulation by the therapist, provides the beneficial effects of this massage, triggering its therapeutic action.

Hot stone massage is a technique that involves all the senses, as it is applied with heated and flavored oil, usually with lavender, geranium or a blend of oils. The stone is heated, the massage is manual and the entire set induces the client to deliver the procedure faster.


The heat, the contact and the pressure of the massage with hot stones on the body surface trigger physical responses of muscle relaxation. In addition, the procedure is also considered anti-inflammatory, helps to release neurotransmitters of well-being by the brain, such as endorphins and enkephalins, which have an analgesic effect, and serotonin, which causes well-being and happiness.

Another benefit of massage with hot stones is better vasodilation, that is, the increase in blood supply and the consequent detoxification of Organs internal organs.

It also increases cell metabolism and soothes the nervous system. It brings relief from muscle and menstrual pain, improves circulation and problems related to the airways, tiredness, depression and anxiety.

The hot stone massage should be performed once a week.

And be warned: the procedure should not be done on people with cancer, who have dermatological diseases, or skin, asthma and bronchitis, acute cystitis and infections of any kind, superficial or deep wounds and during pregnancy.

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