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Facial Lifting

Through the technique of electrostimulation, facial muscles are involuntarily stimulated, attenuating the signs of premature aging, flaccidity, blurring of the facial contour and skin wrinkles. The application of this specialized treatment optimizes metabolism and blood circulation, thus eliminating toxins and revitalizing muscle tissue.

The work of facial muscle electrostimulation, with the objective of providing greater tonicity to the musculature and causing an adequate stiffening, can be carried out in conjunction with other facial techniques, such as electrolifiting, ionization of assets, in addition to cosmetological and manual techniques, assisting in lifiting, in the modeling of the face and in the attenuation of the expression lines.

The applications of muscle electrical stimulation by alternating current provides several jobs in the musculature, which will be differentiated by the use of the parameters that the equipment offers.

The power (intensity) is regulated according to the individual sensitivity of the customer.

It also has some types of waves, which favors the progressive work of stimulation associated with the different frequencies, each wave offers a certain time of contraction, the first being softer, the second intermediate and the third most active, for remaining in contraction longer. The equipment offers these variations to prevent the musculature from responding inappropriately to the electromyostimulation work, which could lead to fatigue or muscle tetany.

It is a treatment that can be complemented with other facial treatments in order to improve the firmness and muscle tone of the face, widely used in facial rejuvenation treatments.

This whole process can be considered a kind of “gymnastics” of the muscles, which due to electrical stimuli, gain strength and volume, as a toning. In this way, all sagging and marks are softened.

The effects appear as the sessions go on. Maintenance may be necessary, but it will depend on the need of the person who has undergone the treatment. It can occur in a shorter period or a little longer, in the case of rejuvenation.


In cases of heart disease, patients with pacemakers, pathologies, inflammatory or infectious processes, pregnant women, among others, cannot be submitted to treatment as it can cause serious complications.

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